Cadillac Engine Repair Mesa AZ

Cadillac-Engine-Repair-and-Service-in-Mesa-AZCadillac Engine Repair for 1994-2002 Models: Insert Kits Installed

We offer full service repairs on all Cadillac models and special services for those models with aluminum block engines that require the installation of steel sleeve kits to extend the life of the engines built between 1994 and 2002.

Cadillac Head Gasket Repairs on Cadillac Northstar Engines:

Cory is experienced in doing head gasket repairs on Cadillac Northstar / Oldsmobile Aurora engines! His rates are well below dealer and other repair shop rates. To do one of these jobs he.pulls the engine out of your car, the engine is inspected for wear and tear, new Sure-Grip cylinder head studs are installed along with all new seals and gaskets.

Your engine will not leak oil or lose coolant after this treatment! Then your engine is re-installed in your car with fresh oil, filter, and coolant. The head gasket repair is guaranteed for 2 years. Cory is confident that with proper maintenance and coolant changes every two years, his repairs will last well beyond the 2 year mark.

Northstar Engine Oil Leak Reseal

We pull the engine and replace the valve cover gaskets, timing cover gasket, rear main seal, remove the lower case half and reseal the case half, replace the oil channel plate and reseal the oil pan. We also inspect the water pump cross over gaskets and water pump for leaking and replace them if nessasary. This will repair any and everything that leaks oil on a Cadillac Northstar engine. Call us for discount pricing.