Brake Repair and Service Mesa AZ

brake-repair-mesa-azGrinding, squealing, and pulling are all signs that your vehicle might be in need of some serious and immediate brake repair. If you live in Mesa or the greater Phoenix area GM Experts have ASE-Certified auto mechanics well versed in all things brake and auto repair. First and foremost GM Experts are dedicated to your safety and we know that brakes are one area of your vehicle to never take for granted. Never put off brake repair service for another day. Not only can it lead to a much higher brake repair bill, but it could also put you, your passengers, and your fellow drivers on the road at unnecessary risk.

At GM Experts, we focus on risk reduction for our customers in Mesa AZ (and beyond). We do everything we can to keep you and your vehicle safely on the roads of the greater Phoenix area. That’s why there are so many warning lights on your dash. But the best measure of a potential problem is what you know about your own car, because no one knows it better. Take the time to drive without the radio on so you can listen to what your vehicle is telling you. Brake repair needs tend to be among the more obvious auto repairs you may require. Listen for the squeals and grinding… feel into the pull of your car…as those can all be signs that it’s time to bring your auto into the highly experienced team at Dick’s Automotive for some important brake repair work.

Brake Service in Mesa AZ

Your brakes are the most important safety feature that vehicle has to offer. With your brakes working properly they help you not only avoid accidents and road hazards, they also allow you to obey even the most basic traffic laws. There is also more to your braking system than just the brake pads. Brake pads are the component that most drivers are familiar with because they are the item that is addressed most often when it comes to your overall braking system.

The brake pads on your vehicle are going to wear down over time as they protect your rotors from the heat and friction that is a by-product of stopping your vehicle even at both high and low speeds. You may hear a squeak when using your brakes if your brake pads are low. This is because the brake pads come with a metal filament that’s embedded in the brake pad to give off a warning sound when it is time to have them replaced.

Brake Fluid in Mesa AZ

Another issue that can negatively impact your braking system is the acidity of the brake fluid. Over time your brake fluid can become contaminated, when this happens your brake fluid will develop acidity that will attack the more vulnerable components in your braking system. We can perform a quick inspection of your brake fluid to see if it has become dangerous to your vehicle.

If your brake fluid is acidic we can quickly and easily perform a brake fluid flush. This will allow us to clean out and replace the fluid in your brake lines. This type of preventative maintenance service will help avoid more costly brake system repairs later down the line. If it has been a while since you’ve last had your brake fluid checked or you notice that your brakes are not operating as well as they used to, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Here at GM Experts it is our goal to keep you on the road in a vehicle that is both safe and reliable. Your braking system has a lot to do with that. If you notice a spongy brake pedal or your vehicle takes longer to come to a full and complete stop, our technicians at GM Experts are here to help.

If you are looking for an auto repair shop in Mesa AZ or the greater Phoenix area, you are in the right place. GM Experts adheres to a strict code of ethics, so you can expect to receive honest and accurate service for your imported or domestic vehicle. Schedule an appointment for Brake Repair and service or any other repairs at GM Experts today. We are conveniently located at 2033 W University Dr UNIT 121, Mesa, AZ 85201

ABS Warning Light Repair Mesa AZ

What is it? The ABS warning light lets you know that your anti-locking brake system module on your vehicle needs to be replaced or repaired. This module regulates how your vehicle brakes in a “slam on the brakes” situation. It essentially ‘pulses’ your brakes to help you avoid uncontrolled skidding which can occur when your brakes are locked.

The ABS module is complex piece of electronics under your car that regulates the entire anti-locking brake system for your vehicle. Depending on the age and condition of this module it will either need to be replaced or refurbished. For your safety be sure to find an ASE Certified mechanic to do your repairs so you can trust that this important part of your vehicles brake system has been fixed properly.

Fast and Reliable ABS Repair: All GM vehicles. $200. This includes labor to remove and replace the module as well as repairing the unit. We take care of everything for you! We remove, repair, and install your refurbished ABS module. Your ABS repairs are guaranteed for 2 full years!

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