Car Timing Chain Repair Mesa AZ


Timing Chains on GM vehicles with 3.6L Engines

Signs that you may have a timing chain issue are:

  • Low power
  • Vehicle starts and dies
  • Engine cranks but will not start
  • Timing chain noise in the engine

We can fix that! We repair timing chains on 3.6L engines for all 2004 and newer GM vehicles. This includes the Traverse, Acadia, CTS, XTX, and SRX. We use all OEM GM factory parts.

Beware of high dealership prices: If you know you need a new timing chain, then you already know that this is an expersive repair item at the GM dealership. Dealers are currently charging $4,000 and up for timing chains repairs! Yikes!

We can help you save your hard earned money on this repair! Financing is available on our website where you can get 3 month and 6 months same as cash terms. Call us today at (602) 663-6492 for more details