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We often get kudos from our satisfied customers who enjoying saving money on their auto repair and who like the quality of our service.

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OK, so maybe we didn’t work on Cadillac Number 1, but Cory Taylor is good enough to get under the hood of any GM vehichle, including the one used by the President of the United States!

Get Quality GM Dealership Service For Half The Price!

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  1. Admin says:

    “Cory Taylor knows GM cars inside and out. He took care of my car and treated me right. Why go back to a pricey dealership repair shop and pay for all of their overhead. Cory charges much less and does a great job every time.” —Lee Reece, Scottsdale, AZ.

  2. Mark Sunneberg says:

    Cory Taylor is a GM Genius! He’s fixed everything I’ve owned! You couldn’t ask for a better mechanic to work on your vehicle. His shop is very personable, efficient and high character. Truly a first class place! – Mark Sunneberg

  3. ken hedman says:

    Cory has been taking care of my C-6 Corvette for a couple of years now and could not be happier with his service. He is always fast, accurate, and reasonable! I have been in the high performance industry for many years as an owner of Hedman Hedders and I know quality work when I see it! Thank Cory, Ken Hedman

  4. Matthew Fligg says:

    northstar SUREGRIP repair.
    Looking at a 1999 eldorado that needs this repair. Please quote me a price. Thanks!! (Repeat customer)

  5. Newt says:

    Over the past several years, Corey Taylor and his team of mechanics have done a lot of work on my 1995 Cadillac Concours. This car is somewhat rare among old luxury cars and parts are difficult to obtain, but he is amazing with his ability to diagnose difficult situations and make the repairs needed at reasonable cost. Thanks Corey.

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