CadiShop Phoenix Auto Repair Customers

CadiShop Phoenix Closes But GM Experts Is Open

The Cadishop in Phoenix served Arizona cadillac customers for years.  They were located at  10243 N 19th Ave #A, Phoenix, AZ 85021, but closed recently.  

Since then we have had CadiShop customers seek us out and we are happy to take care of their Cadillac auto repair needs.  We are experienced working on both old and newer model Cadillacs. Even though we service all GM models, on any given day in our Mesa shop you can see a Cadillac Escalade, DTS, CTS, ATS,  XTS, or any given Cadillac model in our shop.  We even service the older models like the Sedan de Ville, STS, and many other Cadillac models.

CadiShop Customers


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